Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Cardboard Tube Crafts

I've been hanging on to most of my empty tubes when I finish a roll of tulle because I just knew I would use them for something... (ps I do this with A LOT of stuff, boxes from Aldi, most small scraps of fabric or tulle, empty jars... the list could go on).

 Well last week I gave my craft room a good clean up and clean out in preparation for some Christmas gifts I have to get working on. So I finally decided I was just going to throw out the cardboard tubes I had... it's not like I'll won't ever have more (as a long as I am making tutus that is).

 Of course they only made it as far as the landing at the bottom of the stairs (along with some other boxes heading for the garage). And of course my little guy found the box and opened it and started playing with them. So as he's zooming some around tonight I had the fabulous idea for him and I to jazz them up and make them into rockets!

 I brought down some paint, some scrapbook paper, ribbon, a glue stick and ribbon (and headed back up for my glue gun!).

 For the "tops" of the rockets, I cut out a piece of red cardstock and fashioned a pointy birthday hat type

 One rocket we painted (my little man LOVES to paint) and the other we covered in red paper (less wait time to play).

 Little man drew "windows" on his rocket while we were waiting for the painted one to dry.

 I cut some orange ribbon and glued it on the bottoms for flames and we had a couple of pretty awesome rockets (at least in the little man's eyes)!

 Then it was time for a pair of "noculars" (aka binoculars). First he colored two tubes.

Then I just hot glued them together and hot glued some ribbon on for a strap.

 Then it was off on his safari looking for animals and at the moon. :) Love crafting with my little man, it's so much fun!

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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Catch Up!

I know, I've been neglecting my blog again.  But hey, what can you somethings got to give sometimes!!!  Mom, wife, part time marketing clerk 20+ hours a week, Etsy shop and Christmas coming up, yep just reading all that makes me tired and feel out of time.  :)  Well, of course there are other distractions, like watching my new favorite show Once Upon a Time during naptime or after bedtime for the boy.

If you missed it, my real life messy craft room was recently featured on a great, funny blog  called My Life and Kids.  You can see the crazy mess here...  don't think too poorly of me I had a lot going on.  Though to be fair, while doesn't look quite that bad right now, but it's still far from as neat and cute as I'd like it!  Check out the rest of her blog too, she is HILARIOUS!

My tutu's recently traveled to northern Wisconsin for a boutique style craft show.  No pictures to share since I didn't travel with them (and I'm not sure they allow pictures anyway).  I didn't sell out but at least a few less came back.  And truly, I'm okay with them not selling out because of course it's a big shopping weekend and at least my Etsy shop will have stock!  :)

While my tutu's were away I had the chance to do some non Etsy store related crafting with my little boy.  I hauled out the scissors, Christmas paper, glue, buttons, stamps and ink and we had a fun time making a few Christmas cards! It was a blast, although he really liked to try to dump ALL the buttons out which was not so much fun for Mama to pick up.

Today I got a chance to take some photos of my tutus with my neighbor who was kind enough to borrow me her kids as models!  Aren't these girls adorable?  We had to bribe the older one with Hunter in a picture with her (and a couple suckers!) but I was excited to get some decent shots- don't get me wrong, they are totally not professional level, but I like them.  And I especially love the picture with Hunter, so sweet!  

And I got these photos just in time for the big 4 day sale, Black Friday, Small Business Saturday & Cyber Monday (with Sunday thrown in for good measure!).  Now just to edit and tweak all the listings **sigh** LOL.

Well, that's all for now!  Hopefully I'll make it back to the blog before the New Year!  :)

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