Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Craft Show Preps

Only NINETEEN days left until the street fair!  Whew... crunch time.  I'm working on stuff for the street fair nearly every one of my little monkey's sleeping minutes- aka nap time and after 9pm.  I've even pulled a few 1 am-ers in a row.  Let me tell you, I definitely prefer the late nights of my younger days- when I could sleep until 10...11...12 instead of 6-7!!!  :)  Though the hubby does generously allow me some sleep in mornings!

Of course I'd end up with some extra hours at my two part time jobs over the next few weeks as well, so I apologize in advance for my (even worse) lack of posting.

Here is some of what I've been doing...

Sweet little stamped tags for my tutus.....

I stamped the tags (and the project below) with my custom stamp that I ordered from rubberstamps.net (not getting paid to share them at all!) it was pretty reasonable, 3.95 for that size and I could customize it completely.  Their other sizes are pretty decently priced too, with free shipping on a $20 order (usually).  Great thing is you can do artwork stamps there too, so if you have a logo you could upload it and get a stamp of it!

A small freebie surprise for booth visitors.....well the first 100ish (hopefully I'll see at least that many if not more)

These will be clothespin magnets, I just gave them their matte clear coat this afternoon, next up I will be spending a lot of time with my glue gun!

Tiny tulle flowers for use on some new items geared for adults....  Hey kids shouldn't be the only ones to get cute stuff from amgcrafts!

Of course, tutus tutus & more tutus!  And tulle garlands...

I still have a bunch of things to get done... signs... some product... some packaging but I'm super excited at how its coming together!  I'll be doing my first set up in less than a week to start figuring out placement of things and what I still need for display... maybe I'll share a few more little peaks over the next couple weeks- but now onto my list!

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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Flannel Matching Game

A sweet little boy I know is turning one and tonight was his party. I had to spend a little time thinking about what to make him, handmade boy gifts are tough for me to come up with for some reason. While browsing pinterest & blogs I've seen a couple of really cute fabric match "memory" games. With that idea in mind I headed to my fabric stash to see what I had. I love buying cute flannel prints when Joann has a good sale and I recently added some great boy prints to my stash, which gave me a nice selection.
Once I pulled out all the patterns, I choose 6 of them. First I cut out the elephant and used that as the guideline size for all the others. (Mine ended up being about 4" x 2.5) I cut two matching pieces of each fabric.
I cut some batting just a little smaller than my flannel squares. I wanted the pieces to not be to floppy. I also cut 12 pieces of black flannel in the 4" by 2.5".
Then I sandwiched them all together and because I had batting that was fusible, I ironed each piece to help hold them in place while I sewed.
I opted to just sew a small zig zag all the way around, because I like the look of a rough/frayed edge. Then I trimmed each piece after they were sewn.
Think they turned out pretty cute. And best yet- they are washable! So when little Jack drools on them or plays with them using sticky fingers they can just get thrown in the wash. I see several more of these in my near future as a few other friends have babies turning one. :)

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