Saturday, August 11, 2012

Flannel Matching Game

A sweet little boy I know is turning one and tonight was his party. I had to spend a little time thinking about what to make him, handmade boy gifts are tough for me to come up with for some reason. While browsing pinterest & blogs I've seen a couple of really cute fabric match "memory" games. With that idea in mind I headed to my fabric stash to see what I had. I love buying cute flannel prints when Joann has a good sale and I recently added some great boy prints to my stash, which gave me a nice selection.
Once I pulled out all the patterns, I choose 6 of them. First I cut out the elephant and used that as the guideline size for all the others. (Mine ended up being about 4" x 2.5) I cut two matching pieces of each fabric.
I cut some batting just a little smaller than my flannel squares. I wanted the pieces to not be to floppy. I also cut 12 pieces of black flannel in the 4" by 2.5".
Then I sandwiched them all together and because I had batting that was fusible, I ironed each piece to help hold them in place while I sewed.
I opted to just sew a small zig zag all the way around, because I like the look of a rough/frayed edge. Then I trimmed each piece after they were sewn.
Think they turned out pretty cute. And best yet- they are washable! So when little Jack drools on them or plays with them using sticky fingers they can just get thrown in the wash. I see several more of these in my near future as a few other friends have babies turning one. :)

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  1. Hi Anna,
    Just saw your flannel game over at I heart naptime. I love these! It reminds me of my mother sewing little felt things when I was little:) I must do something like this for my grandson.
    I linked up a few things but would like to share one with you, an invite to pin to our Mommy Blog DIY and Recipe Boards.
    Thanks Anna, keep up the great work:)

  2. I'm impressed with the flannel patterns you found- boy prints are hard! This is a great way to introduce matching games at a younger age. Found you over at nap time crafters!

  3. Oh sweet!!! I just love this!!!! What a FUN game!

    Thanks so much for sharing this at The DIY Dreamer.. From Dream To Reality!