Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Messiest House on the Internet

So for some reason last fall I felt compelled to share a picture of my messy craft room at a blog called My Life and Kids. The blogger (also an Anna) is hilarious and her blog is awesome. Well she was looking for photos of real life houses. You know, so many craft rooms and house pictures these days look picture perfect on blogs and Pinterest, well I don't know about you, but mine doesn't (my house or my craft room!). So for giggles I submitted my craft room while it was at the height of chaos as I was getting ready for a craft show plus working two part time jobs and being a mom & wife, and trying to keep the other parts of the house clean. Not to mention distractions of Pinterest and blogging and Facebook :). Well, Anna from My Life and Kids decided to do a contest with the submissions she received. Yesterday was the first day and I made the second round. And while winning a messy house contest is not the first contest I'd pick to win, well at least it's something I might have a shot at! LOL Not to mention there is a pretty nice vacuum for the winner! Anyway, if you'd like to help me out head on over to the contest at this link http://wp.me/p24MP6-1zJ and vote for "Tutu Messy" (It's in the last matchup on the page!) Thanks for helping friends!

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