Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Sunday Morning Craft Time

Sunday morning the Daddy in this family decided to go fishing, and we had already gone to church on Saturday night, so my Monkey and I decided to work on a couple of projects.

On Saturday we had been to the pumpkin farm to get him a pumpkin....
1st Attempt

Daddy said, "only one you can lift Buddy..."

So Sunday morning it was time to decorate.  We took a quick trip to the Dollar Tree for a few supplies including finger paint, paint brushes (it might be finger paint we found, but I wasn't into cleaning up that mess), and some eyes.

Getting the paint smock on 
I'm ready Mama! Let me have it!!!

Here we go....

And done!  
I'm pretty biased, but I sure think he did a pretty good job (with very minimal help from Mama) for a 22 month old!

And after we finished his craft project while he played in a pile of leaves I raked for him, I even had time to sand one of my thrift store finds so when I'm ready to create with it- it will be ready for me...

I just love thrift stores and garage sales.  And I have a vision for this frame to become similar to the one in my craft room. Stay tuned to see how it turns out!

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