Sunday, February 19, 2012


Normally I do not get into Valentines Day at all, but this year I put a little effort into it the night before :).  My little Monkey and I made treats for his daycare friends and teachers. We love to bake in this house- even my husband. He makes some really phenomenal pumpkin bread among other things.

And speaking of my husband... his favorite candy is Peanut Butter Cups.  So we (well by this point it was mostly ME- someone lost interest after the cupcakes) set out to make him some as his V-day gift.  (Usually we don't do much about Valentine's Day but I sort of got into it this year!)

My first step was to find a recipe.  I went to my favorite-est site on all the internet... Pinterest.  Where I found this pin
 which also led me to this post on the same blog

I ended up going with the peanut butter cups recipe and while I generally don't follow recipes exact, I didn't really make any changes except to cut it in half because we really didn't need that many sweets around here.  A half recipe made about 1.5 dozen which was perfect for me to sample a couple :) and fill up the coffee can I decorated for a container.

Here's what mine looked like!

Of course I forgot a picture of after they hardened (didn't look much different of course!) and I didn't take a picture of the container I decorated.  But I just covered a small coffee can with some manly-ish paper and put a bunch of stickers about love on it.  :)  It was really cheesy which is why I am not digging out the camera and going to take a picture for you.  :)  And to add a little extra cheese factor (and because I was having fun with my new circle punch) I punched a bunch of circles out, wrote little love (and respect!) notes to my husband and taped them around the house where he would find them on V-day morning.

See told you I got into Valentine's Day this year.  :)   


  1. I wanted to drop by and say THANKS for leaving me that sweet lil note about my Vintage Kitchen remodel! That was very kind of you!! I have been looking through your blog as well, and it is pretty yummy!!!

    1. :) Thanks for stopping by my blog too! I really did love your vintage kitchen remodel.