Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Birthday Card

Card making is one of the first "craft" things I really really enjoyed. Not saying I'm the most talented at it, but there is something super satisfying about making a one of a kind card for someone versus buying one a the store. Even with all the different cards on the market I have on more then one occasion seen someone get two (or more!) of the same card.

So for my boss' birthday I made a little card from our group of ladies who work for her.  I created my card and then took pictures.  I really never start a card with an exact idea in mind- I just let the ideas flow.  So don't mind that a few things I used are missing and that there aren't step by step photos.

1. Pretty paper

2. Coordinating piece of card stock

3.  Deckle Scissors (favorite!!!)

4.  Singing bird stamp (another favorite!!)

5.  Happy Birthday stamp 

6. Gel glitter pen

7.  Tape roller

Left out of the picture: My blank card & my red ink pad

 I started off with a blank canvas of a white card &  matching envelope.  Once I picked out the pretty paper (#1) I decided to use my deckle scissors to cut a big piece out for the background of my card.

I then needed a coordinating piece of plain paper/card stock to stamp on.  I cut a rectangle and a square out of the yellow card stock and stamped them with my chosen stamps.  I added a few hand drawn music notes to tie in with the singing bird and glued it all on with my glue roller.

I also decided to jazz up the envelop a little and using the same pretty paper cut out a faux stamp and made a little fancier To: area.

Simple, but more fun and meaningful for me.

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