Thursday, March 1, 2012

Mini Notebook

In less than 24 hours I will be "Setting Sail" at my church's women's retreat!  Yay!  Last May I was able to attend my first ever women's retreat with my sister in law and her church.  It was awesome. If you've never gone on a women's retreat with your church, I highly recommend trying it out.  It's just an amazing time of worship and connection and fun and rest and digging into the Word.  Well, at least that was the one I went to... :) But I've heard awesome things about my church's as well.

And since I am going to be gone for the weekend, my wonderful husband took our son and went to visit some relatives.  They left this morning, so this also gave me a few extra hours of ME time tonight.  I miss them, but I am "forcing" myself to enjoy the time for myself :).

Of course ME time wouldn't be complete without some crafting.  My original craft task for the evening was finishing a carry case/cover for my Bible.  However, I gave up after several things I wanted for it didn't work out... I will revisit someday but for now it's tabled.

So I ended up with a quick little Mini Notebook project so I have something to jot down notes, verses, prayer requests etc....

I started off with a very inexpensive little composition notebook and an awesome sheet of scrapbook paper I received from my brother in law & sister in law for Christmas.

I cut the 12x12 sheet not quite in half with my paper cutter.

Then I "wrapped" my notebook in it to get the fold lines.

I used a glue roller to adhere the paper to the notebook.  First the outside cover, then the inside cover and then the edges.

There was a little gap on the back cover, so I glued on some grosgrain ribbon to the back cover and it folds over to use as a place marker within the pages.

For the gap in the front, which was a little bigger, I decided to use my "All things are possible stamp" on a piece of card stock.  Since my stamp has two little insects (that I'm not a fan of, but it was a $1 stamp from Michael's and I loved the saying) I just put a bit of tape over the bee/fly and then took it off before I stamped the paper.  I sort of did a reverse stamp by setting the paper on top of the stamp and pressing down with one of my cling stamp bases.  

Then I had an idea to use a brad and some embroidery thread to create a way to keep the book closed.  I used my craft knife to cut a little slit in the cover, inserted the brad, tied the thread around/under the brad on one end, and knotted the loose end to prevent unraveling.  

  And the finished notebook!  I think it was the perfect pre- retreat craft for the evening!  And of course it would be really cute done in a bunch of my other papers too.  :)

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  1. It turned out so cute! It will be perfect for your women retreat. Thanks so much for sharing with us at Link It Up Thursday.

    1. Thank you! It worked out great to have at the retreat!

  2. This is such a beautiful way for you to keep track of notes and prayer requests. I need one of these! You are so right about women's retreats, too! They really help keep me centered! Thanks for sharing this at our party this week!

    Take care,