Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Life Happens...

Hello friends- it has been too long!  The past 3+ weeks have just been crazy around my house.  I've really had no time to craft let alone blog about any crafting!

What has been keeping me away you ask???  Well, a March for Babies garage sale fundraiser, the actual March for Babies walk, starting a new job, still working my old job, small group at church, preparing for my first craft show, turning 30, the flu, an ear infection, and a bad cold.


So there has been really NO crafting. (very sad, I have missed my craft room)  And no blogging.  (again, very sad, I have missed writing about crafting.) But what can you do, sometimes life happens.  :)  Soon hopefully I will have a little more precious TIME as next week is my last official days at the old job.  :)

Anyway, on to some crafting...  :)

For my birthday my husband and son got me a Kindle.

And of course, a Kindle needs a case to protect it.  :)

Even though I'm quite amateur at my sewing, I seem to have collected a fair amount of fabrics, most of them without a specific project in mind, just because I like them.  :)  Anyone else do that???

My collection (most but not all):

This is the flannel material/print I decided to go with for my Kindle case.  To reflect my love of crafting!  

I started off by using my Kindle as a measuring guide for how wide I should cut my material and then I cut off two pieces (just left it folded!) of the material.  The final measurements for my two flannel pieces was 
9" wide by 14" long 

I wanted to pad it a little because I know I will be shoving it in my purse a lot and I feel better knowing its a little padded.  So I used some quilt batting I had on hand.  The measurements on the quilt batting were 
6" wide by 9" long.

I decided to go with shabby/unfinished edges on my case so I sandwiched the batting between the wrong sides of the materials.  (I actually ironed before proceeding, but didn't retake the picture after ironing).

On one end, I folded over the edge and pinned it and then sewed it.

Then using my Kindle as a measurement guide, I determined where my bottom fold would be... fold up my sewn edge.

I pinned everything in place.  I also opted to fold over the top edge of the case.  Then I sewed up each side and the top edge of the flap.

I sewed a piece of ribbon on to use to tie my case closed.  You could use velcro or a button.

I purposefully frayed my edges for the shabby look.

The finished product.

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  1. Hi Anna: I'm Connie at http://hotflashncraftn.blogspot.com/, your first GFC friend. I sure would love it if you stopped by and be my friend, too. Glad to see you are back crafting. Your kindle pouch turned out nice. Thank for sharing your project.

  2. Very cute Kindle cover!! I love the fabric your chose. Thanks so much for sharing with us at Link It Up Thursday.